Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Special Message from Amber of Naos Glass and Jewelry Supply

We received this nice note from Amber today, and wanted to share it with all of you hard-working artisans:

Thank you so much! If I ever did owe anything on back taxes, I'd pay it HAPPILY and wholeheartedly because it would have been a MISTAKE on my part, not because I willingly evaded anything.

My suggestion to anyone on her blog, if you find yourself in non-compliance somehow, just renew or get the licenses you need. It's not that hard and your State and Local officials will work with you! They WANT you to SUCCEED!

Warm regards,
Naos Glass and Jewelry Supply

You're welcome, Amber, and thanks for the encouraging words to artisans who might feel bullied or afraid when they find themselves on Ullja's blogs. People make mistakes, and there are so many details to setting up a small business/home business! Our various governments are there to help you get such things sorted out if you do find that you overlooked something in the course of setting up your business.

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