Saturday, August 1, 2009



Jewelry Artist KRISTIN PURCELL, has been selling online handmade jewelry at Etsy since Jan 2009.
She also sells on Artfire.

This seller has been vindicated and her name cleared against the false accusations of fraud published on Ullja Kuntze's blog, her shop was opened on Etsy in 2008

KRISTIN PURCELL has a current Texas State Sales Tax permit and is up-to-date on her tax payments.

The Harris County Tax Assessor, Houston-TX is fully aware of the tax status of Ms. Purcell's property. Ms. Purcell has been found to be in compliance and current on her property tax payments, as well as all other taxes.

Remember, a legitimate consumer protection organization will always report on the outcome of their cases, in order to maintain the integrity of the organization and avoid the libel lawsuits that arise from falsely tarring the reputations of businesses that are not engaged in wrongdoing.


  1. Keep up the good work. It takes good people, ethical people to offset the ones with nasty motives. Good job!

  2. I hope somebody is taking the original woman to court for libel. And maybe find out if a lawyer can issue a cease and desist on that original blog.

  3. I firmly believe that will be the outcome of this debacle.

  4. i don't know anything about the angry artist, but i do know that my mother in law order a necklace for me for christmas from Kristen's etsy site and she cashed the check but didn't send the necklace, will not respond to emails and has now closed her etsy account-- at least under that name.

  5. I received a pair of earrings from Kristen Purcell around September 2009 and one of the earrings arrived broken in the box. I e-mailed Kristin right away to let her know and was told that she would send me a new pair of earrings right away to replace the broken ones. I was surprised with her quick reply and her willingness to send me another pair. A few months went by and I moved so I was in touch with her a second time, reminding her of the earrings and gave her my new address, she apologized for forgetting the first time and told me she would send me a new pair right a way again. It is now April and I have not heard back from her again, nor have I received earrings. She got my payment right away but find it unfair she sent me a faulty product and she did not stand behind this product and now it seems I'm not able to get a hold of her.
    Very disappointed, I love the Etsy community and feel that people like that are giving it a bad name.

  6. Well she sure seems like a fraud if she does not send jewelery she sold online. We are out $30 for a necklace. She won't return emails or phone calls. How can you say someone is "cleared" when they are so blatantly ripping people off?

  7. regardless of her state tax status, she has also ripped me off! supposedly set up a trade with her in Etsy's October Trade-n-Stay event. Sent my items out promptly (about $25 value) and did not receive my locket necklace in return. So I was out my items and didn't have a Christmas to present my great aunt with this year!! so nice!