Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ullja Kuntze's Response to Plaintiff's Withdrawal from Case

Well, we expected it. Within days of announcing their withdrawal from the case, Ullja Kuntze has put on her "investigator" hat again and is feebly attempting to denigrate the Plaintiffs in the case, who stated very clearly why they made the decision to withdraw. Folks, Ullja Kuntze is not licensed as an investigator and she is not privy to the tax records of the people she has called FRAUDS and TAX EVADERS on her blog. Her statements constitute defamation, and her "investigation" involved fraud, so read this in the true context of someone out to get revenge against a group of hard-working artisans. The original group consisted of artisans who caught her reselling their work as her own, work she claimed to have made in her Italian studio (more information here). Ullja Kuntze's vindictiveness simply snowballed from there.

This is what Ullja Kuntze posted this morning. It's so delusional it's almost funny:

Handmadeartisanfraud and the TRUTH

Purpose of this blog and posting all these tax evaders
After coming across this alarming amount of tax evader group posted here, who are hiding behind a pc at the comfort of their homes thinking no one can catch them in their immoral, law-breaking acts, the awareness had to be made to the government as well as the consumers.

Honest, hard-working business owners are doing everything possible to stay in business in these today's hard economic times and they are paying taxes, getting licenses and permits to run a legal business, which is the right way of doing business.
There are laws to abide and if you decide to be law-breakers, you will pay the consequences eventually.

These law-breakers are now mad that they are caught in their unlawful acts and 54 of them even tried to take down this blog with a defamation lawsuit while having UNCLEAN HANDS...only to realize after many months that justice always prevails! When it came to the point during the lawsuit when they were going to be ordered by the court to produce all their licenses and tax reports, they ran like Speedy Gonzales and 54 plaintiffs dismissed ASAP their very own lawsuit against the owner of this blog ....

How low can you go?? hahahahahahahaha

We are still here and you cant take down this blog because statements here are TRUE and nothing but the TRUTH otherwise we wouldnt be here :-)

Update: We are proud of this blog since eversince we have posted the law-breakers here, many others decided to be legal and do business the right way. We will continue to watch and report to the agencies any suspected tax evader or illegal business.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Plaintiffs Against Ullja Kuntze Withdraw From Case

June 17, 2010 Announcement (permission to repost granted):

The Plaintiffs in the defamation case Liz Putnam et al v. Ullja Kuntze have filed to withdraw their motion seeking relief against Ullja Kuntze for defamation (libel and slander per se) and fraud.

The Plaintiffs arrived at the decision to withdraw after Ullja Kuntze, with much delay, finally complied with court-ordered disclosure and provided documents confirming that she publishes the blog "" and has made false tax evasion reports specifically naming the Plaintiffs and many others to the IRS and state revenue offices around the country.

During the legal proceedings, the Plaintiffs attempted settlement with Ullja Kuntze and requested that she remove the blog, but Ms. Kuntze refused. The high cost of pursuing the case to completion has been weighed against the satisfaction of her admission that she is the publisher of the blog and the person behind the spurious reports to local authorities against artisans around the country. The investment to date resulted in obtaining evidence of her acts, an ample and welcome reward.

However, to pursue the case to completion and obtain an injunction against Ullja Kuntze ordering her to take the blog offline would be very expensive, given her lack of cooperation to date. With proof of her wrongdoing, the Plaintiffs and others targeted by Ms. Kuntze have the needed evidence to protect their professional and personal reputations individually.

The Plaintiffs wish to thank everyone who contributed to the legal costs and to assure their supporters that with proof of Ullja Kuntze's guilt, a win in civil court is not necessary. Thanks to the support of the artisan community, the evidence of Ms. Kuntze's acts is now a matter of public record for all to see.

Case information is available online at the Harris County Clerk's website. The case number is 200966253 and can also be located searching for Defendant name "Kuntze, Ullja".