Friday, July 31, 2009

NAME CLEARED Vanilla Bean Baker, Arlington VA

NOT A FRAUD: Vanilla Bean Baker, Arlington VA

Baker and handmade soap manufacturer, Holly McConnell, owner of Vanilla Bean Baker ( and Goatmountainarts has been vindicated and her name cleared against the false accusations of fraud published on Ullja Kuntze's blog,
Arlington, VA health department and Department of Agriculture investigated the allegations of fraudulent activity and found them to be baseless. Contact for information about this case: (703) 228-5580.

Holly McConnell is selling as well under the nickname GOATMOUNTAINARTS at the following sites:

It has been confirmed that a State Agricultural Manufacturers license is not required for the sale of handmade soaps.

The State Comptroller's and Revenue Office of VA has no interest in investigating this seller, as her taxes are current and properly filed.

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  1. Holly! I'm a veritable neighbor. Was hoping you had a brick & mortar bakery I could visit. Your stuff sounds devine.