Friday, July 31, 2009

NAME CLEARED Double Dipped Sweets Bakery

NOT A FRAUD: Doubledippedsweets Bakery

Doubledippedsweets owner Krista Loertscher, skilled in her kitchen manufacturing, baking, and selling ,WITH a proper health department license and permit, at

has been vindicated and her name cleared against the false accusations of fraud published on Ullja Kuntze's blog, Contrary to the claims published on Ullja Kuntze's blog, Krista was not shut down by the Utah State Health Department on July 21st, 2009, but rather has temporarily closed her selling venues for the summer as she does each year.

This online business has been found to have all their taxes and necessary licenses in order.
For info and verification of this info call the Utah Health Department at (801) 538-7159


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  2. Plus, her goodies are amazing and yummy!

  3. Oh YUM!!!! Everything looks scrumptious. Looking forward to the delicious fall! :)