Saturday, September 12, 2009

Paypal is onto Ullja's phishing scam!

Today an Etsy seller reported that Paypal sided with her after she refused to refund Ullja's purchase.

Ullja Kuntze has been purchasing items from dozens, if not hundreds, of artisans on Etsy and other venues and has either canceled the sale or returned the item if it is shipped to her. Since Ullja's sole purpose in making the purchases is to obtain the seller's name and address from the Paypal invoice, she is a FRAUDULENT BUYER.

Ullja Kuntze has established a pattern of Paypal account abuse, of which Paypal is now aware. If you shipped something to her, you are under no obligation to issue her a refund whether she returns what she bought or not!


  1. Wow, I'm glad paypal did that. She bought twice from me and, even though I cancelled the purchase and refunded her money, paypal couldn't even send me the right form response when I complained about her actions.

  2. Another seller reported today that Paypal refunded Ullja her money MINUS shipping costs because the item was not "received" at the confirmed address. MAKE SURE YOU MAIL ULLJA'S ITEMS TO HER PAYPAL CONFIRMED ADDRESS ONLY!

    Ship her what she orders, and let her open a dispute. Paypal has their eye on her.


    Send items with "delivery confirmation" only. Items being sent with signature required are being refused, HENCE no proof of delivery. Paypal will only protect you if the items is delivered.

  4. this is great! another small success!